L’installation en Dordogne, une évidence

A rich and preserved nature, varied landscapes combining historical heritage, breathtaking landscapes, legendary gastronomy, activities with family or friends… So many elements that characterize the Dordogne and that encourage 3 million tourists to come and recharge their batteries every year and an excellent reason for Lodg’ing to decide to set up its unusual accommodation there.

``France may one day cease to exist, but the Dordogne will survive.

- Henry Miller


A whole history

Already in the 1930s, before the discovery of the Lascaux Caves and the development of mass tourism, the great writer Henry Miller fell in love with the Dordogne. 


Water has flowed under the bridges of its rivers, but the region continues to attract and fascinate millions of tourists every year. The department, probably envied by its fellow regions, seems to be spoiled by special qualities, almost too numerous to have come together here by chance. A place where all the ingredients of a dream come together, as if by magic.

So much to do

When you taste the gastronomy of the Périgord, between a stroll through a UNESCO World Heritage village and a kayak trip through the beautiful valleys, it seems legitimate to ask yourself if you are not dreaming, if it is all real. Yes, it is real. Better still, this department of just over 9,000 km² is full of cultural, historical, leisure and adventure resources. There are so many that a single visit is not enough to do it all, or to get enough of it.

An undeniable success

This is why the Dordogne is the second most popular tourist destination after Paris and the coast. 


In this department, nature reigns. It is omnipresent, virgin, and instead of taming it, tourism adapts to it. In addition to the countless museums and castles to visit, many pleasures can be enjoyed freely, in the heart of the rivers of the valleys or in the ten listed villages. This is another reason why, as Henry Miller said, the Dordogne will survive. 


Despite a difficult year for tourism, the summer of 2020 was a real success for the region, even better than the previous year. Its natural sites, its walks, hikes and water sports activities have not been affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. On the contrary, they give the French a new lease of life when they need it most, the fresh, pure air, the feeling of freedom… So many things that will continue to attract.

This is why we have decided to take you there, with Lodg’ing. Our identity and that of the Dordogne are complementary, the qualities of one are in symbiosis with those of the other, how can you resist ?


There were the hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic, the Gauls, the Romans, the builders of the castle of Belcastel in the 9th century and the mills of the Ouysse, and now you.

And what can you do in Lacave ?

For a little more magic

Visit the Lacave caves of course! For an hour and a half, you will leave the real world behind and feel as if time has stopped. It took millions of years for the greatest of sculptors, Nature, to shape these magical forms. So yes, the time you spend in this natural art gallery will only be a pause in the immutable evolution of this magical place. The play of light makes the shadows dance and transforms the underground lakes into mirrors, creating a perfect symmetry between heights and depths. Time will stand still for you too. But isn’t that the golden rule of holidays ? 

In vogue

Romantic ? Fun ? Peaceful ? Ask for what you want, the Dordogne will give it to you. The village of Lacave, situated on its banks, allows you to embark on canoes. Cradled by its water, you will contemplate vertiginous cliffs, mythical castles and infinite forests. As you follow the long path of the rivers that flow down from the Massif Central to seek the freedom of the Atlantic Ocean, you will feel the redeeming effect of the cool fresh water on a hot summer’s day. Just let the elements guide you, after all, you are on holiday, right ?

Wake up the sportsman in you

Ah, but maybe you want to stay in shape, even on holiday ? Don’t worry, the bike ride between Ouysse and Causse will make you feel like a Tour de France rider, without the cameras. Whether you challenge yourself to cover the 25 kilometers in less than three hours, or whether you take your time, you won’t be able to ignore the 13th century fortifications, basilicas and chapels that you will come across on your way. Unlike the riders of the “Tour de France”, you can stop to admire them at your leisure. Yes, you are on holiday, so you are free. 

But would it really be a holiday without a wider choice of gastronomy than you might imagine ? You tell us.

Feeling peckish ?

But because all these adventures dig into your stomach, you’ll feel the need to eat. Whether you want a fine meal at the bridge of Ouysse or La Terrasse , or something hearty on a budget at the Estanquet or Quercygnac, you’ll get it. We know all too well that the hardest part is choosing your dish from a menu where everything is tempting, but before that you have to choose the restaurant! 


But would it really be a holiday without a wider choice of gastronomy than you might imagine ? You tell us.

So, what are you waiting for to discover, or rediscover, why Henry Miller fell in love with the Dordogne while on his way to Greece ? Let’s get started !