On the occasion of the opening of our new destination in the heart of the Valley of the Kings, we have decided to present to you, in a few little madeleines, its most mythical castles and the few unusual activities that you will be able to experience during your next holiday. So let’s start with the first step of any holiday: imagination. Visit the Castles of the Loire  from your home. 

The Castles of the Loire

We are not going to be able to tell you about all the castles that adorn this valley, even if we would have liked to. Here is a non-exhaustive and subjective list of the most famous ones.

Chambord Castle

The biggest, the most famous, the most mythical, the most imposing… We could use as many adjectives as there are rooms in the  Castle of Chambord, but 426 is a bit much, so we’ll stop here. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 40 years, there are simply countless remarkable features. The gothic influences in the verticality and ornaments, the French garden, the immense park, the maze of rooms or the confusing double helix staircase. You will have to accept that you are not alone when visiting the castle, but if it is mythical, it is for a good reason. Chambord is simply a marvel that is impossible to avoid.


The castle is also the venue for many festivals, exhibitions and events of all kinds, so make sure you prepare for your visit, as it will not only be exceptional, but unforgettable.

The Castle of Chenonceau

Ah the Ladies’ Castle !

Unlike the one we mentioned earlier, Chenonceau  is all about the finesse and elegance of a slender figure that seems to fly over the Cher. Here, beauty reigns over power and as well as being the home of historic women, the Château has also been home to many artists and philosophers. Renowned for its recognisable silhouette and grand gallery, you will also find many beautiful gardens where you can enjoy the sun and nature for hours. There are many ways to discover this estate. One of the most unusual of course is to see the castle from the Cher, either by canoë or boat

The Castle of Blois

If you want to know the history of French architecture, go to the heart of the main courtyard of the Castle of Blois  and it will be told to you. The oldest remains of this castle date back to the 9th century and it was originally a medieval fortress. But from the 13th century, Gothic styles made their appearance. Classical Gothic with the Civil Hall, then Flamboyant with the Louis XII wing. This wing marks the transition from Gothic to the Renaissance style, so characteristic of the Loire Valley, and finally to the classical style with the Gaston Wing, built by Mansart. French architecture is fascinating, but can be confusing for those who confuse styles and periods. We invite you to discover, or rediscover, them at the Castle de Blois. One thing is certain, you will be dazzled.  

The Castle of Cheverny

Yes, you recognize it ! The Castle of  Cheverny inspired the one in Moulinsart in the Tintin comic book. Ah, we were told in the earpiece that you already knew that ? Yes, I did. What you may not know about this castle is that it belongs to the same family that has lived there for 6 centuries, which has allowed it to be remarkably well preserved. But don’t stop at its stunning rooms and terribly symmetrical and pleasing architecture. The castle hides a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world of Tintin. The estate also offers gardens, parks and activities galore! You will also find food and drink at the Coffee of the Orangerie. Stay as long as you like, you won’t regret it.   

The Castle of Beauregard

Allow yourself to get off the beaten track and away from the most famous castles. The  Castle of Beauregard, will receive you in a calmer and more intimate atmosphere. Formerly the home of the Kings’ ministers, you will find the incredible old library and the Salle des Grelots. In this place full of history, you will have the choice to walk freely, or to let yourself be told the fascinating history of the castle during guided tours. But you will also have time to enjoy the park and its Allée des Prunus or its Sentier du Savoir. Something tells us that you will enjoy it.

But of course, don’t stop at this list. The castles of the Loire Valley are all unique and well worth a visit. Take the Castles pass or tickets queue-cutting tickets  with you to save time ! 

Lodg'ing in the heart of the Loire Valley

Your Lodg'ing village

Because we want you to visit as many castles as possible and enjoy your holiday, your village, located in Cellettes, is the closest neighbor to the Castle of Beauregard. It is also close to Blois, Chambord and the tourist office. But above all, it is in the heart of a peaceful nature bordered by a gentle river. Imagine, at the end of a day exploring the wonders of the Loire Valley, resting in this corner of paradise?

The many adventures

Of course, there are other adventures to be had in the Loire Valley. Would you like to know where the castles come from? For that, you’ll have to go to Troglo Degusto  for an unusual experience, winner of the 2017 Top Tourism award. Dive into the heart of the quarries that were used to build the famous castles, let Stéphane and his team tell you the stories of the Tuffeau stone extractors and enjoy a good wine to finish your visit.

A little further on, you will discover the marvelous village of  Trôo , ranked 7th favorite village of the French. Capital of troglodytism, you will see many vestiges of the Middle Ages preserved by this famous Tuffeau stone. Take the opportunity to have a conversation with the Puits qui Parle, as the villagers do, or to visit the Pétrifiante cave, an amazing museum built by the combination of water and stone, even before Leonardo da Vinci arrived in the region !

Ah, another castle, you might say. But this one, more recent than the others, does not offer the same experience. At the Castle of Rocheux, your visit is unusual and unique in its kind. It is done by playing! No less than 28 games, including riddles and treasure hunts, will take you on a discovery of a masterpiece of 19th century architecture. 


And why not take a step up ? With  Au Gré des Vents, you will fly above the Valley of the Kings and take the time to breathe and let the air caress you. From the sky, you will enjoy breathtaking panoramas over the castles and the sublime landscapes that surround them.

I think your imagination is now awake, it’s time to get strated !