Rendez-vous au bout du monde sur la Presqu’Île de Crozon

Once upon a time, in a region as magical as it is legendary called Brittany, there was a masterpiece created by nature: the Crozon peninsula. Why start this article in the manner of a fairy tale ? Because this place seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. What makes it different  ? The Crozon peninsula is real. It will make you dream during your trips, whether you are young or old. Follow us, we will introduce you to it. Meeting at the end of the world in the Crozon Peninsula.

The Crozon Peninsula and its surroundings

The end of the world

We were talking about the end of the world ? That’s not quite true. The Crozon Peninsula is actually located at the end of a wonderland: the Armorique Natural Park. This park takes you to the ocean and is adorned with many different landscapes.


The park will take you to the Presqu’Île, where you will marvel at the splendid sea views, the lush forests and the moorland valleys lulled by the sea spray. If you’re coming to visit us by car, make a stop and make the journey as beautiful as the destination. This is the key to a perfect trip !

Pen-Hir and its ``Tas de Pois”

Now let’s talk about the many gems you can see here. Don’t miss the point of  Pen-Hir and its famous heaps of peas in a row. Because some places must remain preserved, nature has isolated them in the middle of the water and adorned them with large cliffs. Sit for a while on the rocks, on the grasses, listen to the sound of the waves tickling the cliffs, the sound of the wind wafting along the paths and the sound of the sea birds flying against the wind. Watch the streaks on the sea and hold on to that rare feeling of being on the edge of infinity.

Virgin Island Beach

Of course you’ll find the famous Virgin Island Beach. Made world famous in 2014 by an article in The Guardian, and featured on social media, it is now a victim of its success and beauty and is now off limits. As Paulo Amaro said, “Sometimes, in order to see things more closely, it is necessary to take some distance”. Our values therefore invite you to enjoy this dreamy panorama from the famous GR34. By admiring its beauty from afar, you will be helping to preserve it for future generations. 

Cap of the goat

Now continue your search for the end of the world to the south, to Cap de la Chèvre. On this small piece of land that faces the sea without fear, you will contemplate landscapes shaped by the elements. On the West Coast, you will see cliffs, moorlands and large beaches renowned by surfers, drawn with harshness by the wind. The East Coast is more peaceful, covered with pine forests and coves, giving the place an almost Mediterranean atmosphere. This is where you will find the beach of the Virgin Island, which we mentioned earlier. But above all, don’t miss the visit of the tidal caves with the Vedettes Sirènes.  There, between land and sea, enjoy the echo of the small waves against rocks shaped by time over thousands of years. 

But we just wanted to introduce you to the Crozon Peninsula. The rest is up to you. If you want to know it, go ahead and discover it! Let it reveal its riches, its history and its legends.

Your village Lodg'ing and its wonders

Feet in the water

The identity of the Crozon Peninsula is to live between land and sea. We have therefore decided to settle on this border at Lanvéoc. At  Camping Cap Ouest,  you will have your feet in the water. You can get up in the morning and sit on the sandy beach to enjoy your coffee or tea, lulled by the sound of the waves. What better way to start your day ? And why not return in the evening after a day of adventure ? Like us, you won’t get tired of it !

In Lanvéoc, you will find yourself on a strategic point to explore the Presqu’île. A quarter of an hour from Pen-Hir, twenty minutes from the beach of Ile Vierge, Cap of the Goat and barely ten minutes from downtown Crozon. Everything is done to make your stay with us as pleasant and simple as possible.

But if you dream of adventure

We have some great ones in store for you! To continue to connect with the sea, you can, for example, try your hand at sand yachting, the sport from the end of the world. Accompanied by Jérôme, you will transform the large smooth sandy beaches into a 3.5 kilometer playground. So let the wind flow through your hair and sail to experience unique and exhilarating sensations.

But if you want to strengthen your connection with the sea, what better way than to take it? At Ocean Bay  you can rent surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, or experience all sorts of activities with family and friends ? 

And finally, for those who want a more peaceful adventure, you can embark from the port of Morgat on board the boat Eizh to enjoy an escapade at sea  and discover the Crozon Peninsula from a new angle. At the foot of the cliffs and the heather. You couldn’t feel more Breton !

Loraine went to the Crozon peninsula and fell in love with it. She tells about her experience and gives you her advice on her blog Travel of Emotions. Don’t hesitate to follow them!

So, let’s meet in the Crozon peninsula ?