Today we’re talking about glamping ! Have you ever heard of this phenomenon ?

But where does this concept come from?

Thanks to the Anglo-Saxons

That’s right! It was our neighbours in England who invented this concept. Surprised? Well, they are the ones who show their love for nature and who have integrated Glamping, a contraction of the words “glamour” and “camping”, into their language. In other words, how to embellish the word camping as if you were offered “a cup of tee”. Let’s not forget that they are gentlemen first. The above term appeared in the English dictionaries in 2006. It is practiced in its essence in England, the United States and New Zealand.

Short list of different Glamping accommodations

From the most perched to the most basic, many ways have been invented to protect yourself from the cold, rain and wind during your luxurious and glamorous nights. Don’t miss out on all these nomadic living arrangements, some of them might surprise you ! 

Tree house / Tipi

Airstream caravan / Tree house

Western wagon / Roulotte

 Saharan nomad tent / Yurt



A planet that blows

Generally more used to classic accommodation, here, the originality and the change of scenery will seduce you. It is in a yurt, in a tree house, in a caravan or under an atypical tent that you will spend your most beautiful night. A night that is all the more unusual for being eco-responsible, because yes, in addition to comfort, this concept also praises eco-responsibility.

Responsible tourism

Glamping is not just a phenomenon that brings camping back into the mainstream, it is also a new trend in responsible tourism. It retains the authenticity of traditionnal camping but adds an innovative twist. The lucky ones will be able to enjoy singular spaces and “design” habitats that integrate into the natural environment. Our adventurers are therefore respectful of the environment.

The success is due to the originality of the concept, to the novelties that are associated with it, but also to the protective dimension and concern for the planet.

That's it, you've got the concept down pat! All you have to do is enjoy glamping revisited in the style of a young French company.

Action / Reaction on the Lodg'ing side! 🌱

This concept has quickly arrived in France, notably at Lodg’ing, where we are pushing the concept even further by organising events based on the essence of glamping !  So if you’re looking for peace and quiet, far from the office, traffic jams and public transport, our Nature Camps will appeal to you ! We invite all of you, nature lovers, forerunners of new discoveries and budding adventurers, to be initiated into the world of camping revisited in today’s design.

Discover our 4 Nature Camp and the beautiful regions in which they are located !

The main idea ? To offer you a friendly, unforgettable and relaxing stay for lovers, families or friends. Come and discover these 4 little corners of paradise. Reservations are open, we are waiting for you ! 🌱⛺️

Luberon                         Dordogne                          Presqu’île de Crozon                          Châteaux de la Loire

Beware! A difficult stay to regret!