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Make your event an unforgettable memory for you and your guests!

Lodg’ing offers bespoke glamping services to meet your accommodation needs on your private event offering a fantastic experience to your guests, in comfort and close to nature.

Take advantage of our services and ask our team to create a Lodg’ing Camp that reflects your event.


Complete below our online form that will guide us in designing the LODG’ING project that you want to implement. You can give us as much information as you want so that we can customize your hosting space:

▨ The type of event
▨ The expected date
▨ The place
▨ The number of people to host
▨ The number of Lodg’ing tents desired
▨ Additional services required (Lounge area, hotel services, sanitary …)

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone to talk and exchange about your project.


Each LODG’ING experience is tailor-made and subject to a detailed quote. We can host up to 120 people in the same space. The rates of the nights vary depends of:

▨ Infrastructures & facilities available on site 
▨ Number of days of implementation 
▨ Number of tents installed 
▨ Number of guests per tent


LODG’ING wants to position itself as the 1st luxury pop up hotel in France.

We offer bespoke services so that guests can enjoy an unforgettable accommodation experience near an event or in a unique natural setting.

Would you like some more information? Do you have questions about a destination? A project to share? We are here to help you to design your own accommodation events!

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