Pourquoi vous devez aller dans le Luberon

For a few moments, a few days, get away from everyday life, the cities and their lights, the beaches and their agitation. Leave behind the coastal Provence to discover the one of the villages with their white stones, the geological wonders, the history, the pure nature, polychrome and bathed in sunlight. The Province of the stars.


For a few moments, a few days, follow us in the Luberon, we will tell you why !

It is impossible not to love the Luberon

Because it is a region that will make you dream.

The famous lavander fields are the stuff of dreams the world over. Millions of photographers, amateurs or professionals, have immortalized them,  yet not two photos are alike. Why is that ? Because these furrows awaken the artist, the poet in all of us. They allow us to express something that we have inside us. The order and organization in the perfect lines. The desire for freedom in these same lines, elusive, seeming to extend into eternity. The boldness in the bright colors, or the sweetness in the smell that everyone loves. But these fields are only a tiny part of the treasures offered by the Luberon Massif. 

The massif itself !  We were talking about geological wonders, we were not exaggerating. Ridges, cliffs, hills, you will find them all, you just have to look for them! Here, we’ll make it easier for you by showing you the way to find them. Don’t dream of going to the United States, the Colorado Provençal is within reach, and it is stunning. Don’t be afraid to climb the Mourre Nègre either, the view is breathtaking. But above all, don’t forget to go to the Gorges du Regalons and bring back some photos.


Now that you are starting to dream, keep your eyes open and let yourself be transported to the next part of your journey.

Because if the lavender fields are mythical, the villages are authentic.

Because it's picturesque

The Massif is one of the most beautiful villages in France.  Gordes, with its medieval castle perched on a rocky outcrop, Joucas and its winding streets whose stones will keep you warm, , Roussillon , standing out with its bright and warm colors, or Cucuron, adorned with countless Gallo-Roman remains. Each has its own heritage, culture, secrets and character. Each one deserves to spend time walking along the streets or resting on a small square, surrounded by its inhabitants who are proud of their heritage, savoring the chance they have to live there every day of the year. For if the lavender fields are mythical, the villages are authentic.

Now that you've explored the villages, check out what's on the menu

Because the gastronomy is remarkable

Speaking of flavors, you can imagine that the Luberon would not be content to amaze its visitors only with its splendid landscapes. We know that in France,  each region has its own gastronomy, and the Luberon is no exception to this rule. On the contrary, it does so with panache. The Mediterranean climate caresses orchards and vegetables gardens where tomatoes, aubergines, thyme, courgettes and so many other marvels grow, allowing you to savor tians and ratatouilles, but also tasty soups. Do you like fish? Just say so, the rivers are full of them, the choice is yours, and everything you taste will be perfectly seasoned. Looking for addresses around the site? Try the Auberge of Coupoles, the 100 Étoiles, the Maison Rose of the Cloître.. You won’t be disappointed !


Now it’s time to lie down on a deckchair, or on the ground, and look at what has fascinated man since the beginning of time.

Our perfectly situated village

Because everyone loves the stars

Our nomadic village, or should I say your nomadic village, is located at Camping under the stars. In the middle of nature, it is the ideal place to rest, enjoy the peace and quiet, the fresh air and the breathtaking scenery. But as its name suggests, it is also the perfect place to enjoy one of the most impressive stellar panoramas in France. Indeed, the Luberon is one of the regions with the lowest light pollution. Whether you decide to stay in the village to admire the nebulous line of the Milky Way and look for all the constellations, or whether you decide to go to the  Astronomy center Saint-Michel, just next door, it doesn’t matter, these magical places will free the astronomer in you to swim in a night of stars Our little tip: book your stay from the end of July to the end of August. The Perseids, one of the most beautiful showers of shooting stars of the year, takes place during this period. You can see an average of 100 stars per hour. Isn’t that amazing ? 

Because everyone likes adventures

And there are adventures to be had around your Lodg’ing village ! Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, you’re sure to have a great time at the Horsewild barns Riding center . What better way to reconnect with nature than to ride it ? Let yourself be guided, breathe and enjoy. This 2-3 hour ride will be magical, and you should savor every second of it. 

Ah, but we have something else for you. What if instead of looking at the sky, you went there? Fulfill a childhood dream, live a rare, unusual and magical adventure by boarding one of Forcalquier’s hot air ballons. Take to the skies, enjoy the Provencal air and the extraordinary landscapes that can only be seen from the sky. Lavender fields, perched villages, cliffs. After all, Lodg’ing wants to offer you a new perspective, treat yourself, you deserve it. 

That’s it, you’re ready, all you have to do is book !